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9880-SQ Guardian

Guardian E-mag Care home Swing Free Closer, Power Size 4

9880 Guardian by Exidor is a unique swing free door closer developed specifically to meet the needs of care home facilities. In a class of its own the Guardian offers specific features that reduce the risk of injury to residents as well as eradicating the need to wedge doors open. ANTI-SLAM: The swing free mode of a closer can allow a door to slam shut. Whether this is accidental, deliberate or just caused by a draught, it poses a real risk to frail residents. The Guardian closer has been specifically developed with an anti-slam function which controls and slows the motion of the door. DRIFT RESISTANCE: Exidor’s Guardian closer offers a low level control on the door, which stops it from drifting from its open position – eradicating the need to wedge doors open, yet still allowing the door to operate freely to the user. The 9000 Series is supplied with either a stylish square cover or an elegant radius cover and has a matching adjustable arm as standard.

Exidor Door Closer Series 
9000 Overhead Closers
Closer Types 
Standard Arm Closer
Function Types 
Power Adjustable 
Fixed Size
CE Certification 
Fire Certification 
Fitting Position 
Fig 1 (Pull Side), Fig 6 (Push Side)
Swing Free
Cover Options 
Architectural Square Cover

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Colours & Finishes

Exidor’s 9000 series door closers are available in a range of standard finishes including: Silver, polished brass and satin or polished stainless steel.

Other options such as bronze finishes or RAL powder coat are also available.

Standard Finishes

  • Silver

  • Polished Brass

  • Polished Stainless Steel

  • Satin Stainless Steel