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Hold Open/Swing Free E-Hydraulic Overhead Door Closer, Power Size 4

Exidor 9870 electromagnetic overhead door closer features both hold open and swing free options combined within the same unit. Hold open function holds the door in its open position where as swing free mode allows the door to be opened with no resistance from the closer – However, when the buildings fire alarm is activated, power is cut to the unit and the closer then shuts the door. The 9000 Series is supplied with either a stylish square cover or an elegant radius cover and has a matching adjustable arm as standard.

Exidor Door Closer Series 
9000 Overhead Closers
Closer Types 
Standard Arm Closer
Function Types 
Power Adjustable 
Fixed Size
CE Certification 
Fire Certification 
Fitting Position 
Fig 1 (Pull Side), Fig 6 (Push Side)
Hold Open, Swing Free
Cover Options 
Architectural Radius Cover

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Colours & Finishes

Exidor’s 9000 series door closers are available in a range of standard finishes including: Silver, polished brass and satin or polished stainless steel.

Other options such as bronze finishes or RAL powder coat are also available.

Standard Finishes

  • Silver

  • Polished Brass

  • Polished Stainless Steel

  • Satin Stainless Steel